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Successful Mediation For Reluctant or Skeptical Parties

Mediation offers a collaborative environment where disputing parties can determine the outcome, allowing you to retain some control over the result. By understanding the process, setting reasonable expectations, and exploring your options, you can approach the process with greater confidence.

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What Happens When Mediation Doesn’t Work?

While many people find success using mediation, the process does not work for every dispute. You can always move the dispute to litigation, attempt to resolve your differences on your own, or try mediation again when you’re ready.

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Is Mediation the Best Way to Resolve a Dispute in Minnesota?

Whether you are struggling with a family law or business dispute, mediation offers several benefits. While litigation often concludes with one party prevailing over the other, mediation allows the disputing parties to collaborate, negotiate, and work together to reach a common goal.

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