Business & Nonprofit Law in Minneapolis

Rubric: A Guide

At Rubric Legal, we guide clients to find ways to protect and build what is most important to them.

The best guides walk the path with the people who are trusting them, and we aspire to that tradition. Clients often tell us, “you don’t talk at me like a lawyer.” It’s some of the highest praise we can hope for.

Our services are designed to bring some clarity to your life and business, to provide guidance and direction when you find yourself in a legal quandary. That has helped us maintain long-lasting relationships with clients who appreciate what we do. Whether you are looking to resolve a business-related dispute or have a question about running a nonprofit, we are here for you.

Our Practice Areas

Business Advising

From starting a business to managing its ongoing operations, we offer practical guidance that is customized to address your business needs. For a monthly fee, we will be your company’s outside general counsel.

Business Litigation

We represent clients in business litigation disputes, striving to protect their best interests at every turn. Whether you are looking to enforce your rights or you have been sued, we can help.

Copyright & Trademark

We help clients put intellectual property strategies in place, make sure they understand the boundaries of their rights, and protect their intellectual property interests in court.

Insurance Law

We can help you understand the insurance coverage you have and address any gaps that exist. We also represent insured people and businesses to help recover what is owed when a loss occurs.


We offer mediation services to clients who wish to resolve their disputes outside the courtroom. Chad will encourage the parties to collaboratively find the right solution.

Nonprofit Law

We help nonprofits get organized, navigate federal tax rules and fundraising laws, and resolve matters regarding employment policies, contracts, insurance needs, and other legal issues that may arise.

Wage & Hour Disputes

We represent employers and employees in wage-and-hour litigation. We will protect your rights in cases involving proper payment of overtime and minimum wage under the state and federal laws.

Your success is our mission.

We will work with you to craft creative solutions designed to deliver the best results in the most efficient manner. Call Rubric Legal LLC today at (612) 465-0074 or contact our law firm online to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. We proudly serve businesses, nonprofits and individuals in the Twin Cities, and throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.