Business Advising in Minneapolis

Business Counsel Tailored to Address Your Specific Needs

The business landscape is complex and changing, with ever new risks to evaluate and manage. As your business advisers, our job is to help you navigate the landscape when structuring and negotiating your business relationships without breaking the bank.

Maybe you have one specific question or contract that needs a lawyer’s expertise. Or you might be looking to build an ongoing relationship with a trusted attorney. We’re here to help either way.

We find our clients are best served by a flexible working relationship with their lawyers, giving clients customized business advice. Rubric offers services on an as-needed or project basis for clients looking for a discrete solution and ongoing outside general counsel support for clients who want the comfort of knowing their lawyer is just a phone call or an email away. If you need general business counsel, we can find the plan that best serves you and your budget.

Business Advising Services

The advice you need depends on the working realities of your business. Our experienced business lawyers can guide you through all your business needs. Our services include:

  • Choosing the right entity type for your business and supporting you during its start up
  • Insurance and risk audit
  • Intellectual property audit
  • Employee/independent contractor audit
  • Exempt versus non-exempt employee audit
  • Hiring and firing management training
  • Representation at unemployment hearings
  • Supply chain support
  • Business transactions, including financing or buying or selling a business
  • Transitioning business ownership, including partner buyouts and redemptions

Legal Fees for Ongoing Advice & Counsel

We offer subscriptions that include monthly, quarterly, or annual reviews, depending on your needs. Our subscriptions include unlimited phone calls and emails. Really, unlimited. We trust you to call when you need us and want you to bring us your questions or problems before a small issue erupts into a legal mess that disrupts your business. Our subscriptions also include a discount on additional legal work when the unexpected happens.

Putting Commitments in Writing

Contracts help tell the story of your business. We craft and review agreements so you control—or at least have a starring role in—the narrative, including:

  • Preparing and reviewing agreements among owners
  • Negotiating, drafting, and reviewing agreements with employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, and other strategic partners
  • Creating or reviewing employee handbooks and nondiscrimination policies
  • Reviewing loan documents and preparing supporting documentation for your lender
  • Structuring buyouts of equity owners
  • Separation agreements
  • Leases

Call to Get the Answers You Need

Our subscription model is designed to foster an ongoing relationship with our clients. We want you to be able to call us or email us whenever something comes up.

Unanswered questions have an annoying habit of becoming serious problems. While we offer experienced and tenacious business litigation services, our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary lawsuits and the expenses they bring. By involving us early in the process, you may be able to avoid—or at least minimize—future conflicts.

“Because our company is smaller, this works great! Unlike the previous firm we were with, Rubric Legal (and Mike) takes a much more holistic approach to the law. Their billing subscription also provides us the flexibility we need.”
– Jack S.

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To learn more about the top-notch services Rubric Legal LLC provides to Minneapolis, St. Paul and other Minnesota businesses, contact our business advisors online or call (612) 465-0074 today. We are also licensed in Wisconsin, enabling us to support Wisconsin business owners seeking a creative approach to legal issues.