Wage & Hour Disputes in Minneapolis

Pay—And Get Paid—What is Owed

State and federal laws have a lot to say about the proper payment of wages for American workers. Wage-and-hour disputes arise when the application of those laws comes into question.

At Rubric Legal, we represent employers and employees involved in wage disputes. We understand your rights and duties under the Federal and Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Acts, as well as the Minnesota Wage Pay Act. We can advise you of your rights and responsibilities regarding minimum wage, overtime pay, employee classification, and other issues that often lead to disputes.

Unpaid Overtime

Fights over unpaid overtime are among the most common wage-and-hour disputes. Widespread confusion over which employees are entitled to overtime has led to substantial lawsuits covering entire classes of employees.

A nonexempt employee classified as exempt may be improperly denied overtime for years. The treatment of independent contractors versus employees also varies. Disputes arise when workers are misclassified. While state and federal laws limit how far back this unpaid overtime can be accounted for, the result still tends to be a large payout for an affected employee.

Misclassification is only one way in which unpaid overtime disputes arise. It is not always clear what counts as work time and what does not. Break time, closing time, and time spent waiting for the next customer or project must be accounted for properly, or else a wage violation can occur. Our attorneys can answer your questions and represent your interests in disputes over unpaid overtime or other wage disputes.

Understanding the Business

Certain industries, like the restaurant business, have unusual pay practices that can lead to wage-and-hour litigation. When choosing a lawyer, it is important to pick someone with extensive experience in business law. An attorney who does not understand your work could miss something vital in presenting your case. Reach out to Rubric Legal today to discuss your wage-and-hour matter with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys.

“Michael was great—he put my husband and I at ease, was able to answer our many questions, and overall felt like an advocate. He was very trustworthy, honest, and upfront—particularly when explaining the process and fee structure.”
– Linh P.

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