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Rubric: An Established Tradition, Custom, or Rule

Rubric might not be what you would call a “traditional” law firm.

We hold some of our meetings on long runs as we train for an upcoming marathon. One of us is Santa Lawyer. On a motorcycle. We don’t pretend to speak Latin. Our office equipment includes a pizza oven (and we hold out hope for a pinball machine). We will even admit when we don’t know an answer (and then we will go find it).

That said, there is still one tradition we hold to — Every lawyer should be committed to seeking justice for the people who entrust their livelihoods and loved ones to that lawyer’s skill, experience, and judgment.

When you choose a law firm, you are picking the team to support you, encourage you, and guide you. We formed Rubric Legal to serve clients in a better, simpler, and more creative way. Everyone at our firm aspires to give life to that idea and build it into our own tradition.

“…I just wanted to say I appreciate you and…it gives me great comfort to know that you are available when we need someone we can trust!”

Jon F.

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Chad A. Snyder

Chad is a founding partner of Rubric Legal. His represents clients in business disputes (over issues like contracts, trade secrets and fraud), copyright and trademark enforcement, insurance coverage, and child-focused family law. Chad has been practicing law for more than 20 years. Visit Chad’s biography.

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Emmett Robertson

Emmett’s practice focuses solely on nonprofits and their legal matters, particularly the tax, corporate, and administrative law issues that are unique to the nonprofit sector. Emmett has been practicing law since 2011, and merged with Rubric in 2017. To learn more, read Emmett’s bio.

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Jennie A. Clarke

Jennie is a business advisor for a wide range of industries. 30 years of experience makes her a trusted partner for all things business. Innate curiosity and an artistic bent make her a creative problem solver. Read Jennie’s bio.

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Michael H. Frasier

Mike is a founding partner of Rubric Legal. His practice centers on business and intellectual property litigation and advising small businesses. Mike has been practicing law for more than 12 years. To learn more about Mike, read his profile.

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