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Rubric: A Statement Of Purpose

With wise counsel, attentive listening, forthright communication, resolute advocacy, good humor, and value-driven representation, we take on our clients’ legal challenges while they focus on their nonprofits, businesses, and families.

Business Litigation

Securing Equitable Outcomes

As the business attorney Minneapolis can count on, we represent clients in business litigation disputes, striving to protect their best interests at every turn. Whether you are looking to enforce your rights or you have been sued, we can help.

Nonprofit Law

Focus on Your Mission

We help nonprofits get organized, navigate federal tax rules and fundraising laws, and resolve matters regarding employment policies, contracts, insurance needs, and other legal issues that may arise.


Guided Solutions Outside the Courtroom

We offer mediation services to clients who wish to resolve their disputes outside the courtroom. Chad will encourage the parties to collaboratively find the right solution.

Tell Us What You Need. We'll Listen.

While Rubric’s clients come through our doors with diverse legal needs, they all share a common interest: They want to direct time and energy into their nonprofits, businesses, and families—not lawsuits, regulations, and heated arguments. Those lawsuits, contracts, regulations, and occasional heated arguments are our job. When you can trust your business attorney in Minneapolis to understand your position and find effective ways to improve it, that’s a good feeling.

We earn that trust by helping you craft strategies and build ideas that let you keep your focus and energy where it matters most.

“Our conversation was extremely beneficial to me and I appreciate your honesty. You could have easily taken advantage of the opportunity to generate more business for yourself + yet you chose to operate with integrity. Thank you!”

Kelsey J.

Who We Are

We run Rubric Legal on the principle of serving our clients with more clarity, creativity, and candor than you may expect from a bunch of lawyers. The way we see it, our job is to give our clients the best advice we can, even if that means talking you out of giving us more business.

Rubric Legal Blog

Articles & Insights

New Compliance Requirement – Beneficial Ownership Interest Reporting

The Corporate Transparency Act (Act), which takes effect on January 1, 2024, will require most entities to report information about their ownership structure by filing with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.