Strategies For Mediating Business Contract Disputes in Minnesota

Businesses rely on clear and effective contracts to guide their practices. However, disputes over contracts can arise, prompting the parties to seek a fair resolution. Mediation offers a collaborative forum where the disputing parties negotiate a workable solution, facilitated by a neutral third party. When the participants agree to approach mediation with a commitment to creating an equitable outcome, the process is usually successful. Here are a few strategies for making the most of the mediation process for business contract disputes in the Minneapolis area.

Prepare to Compromise

It’s important to remember that mediation aims not to determine which party “wins” but rather to reach a compromise that resolves the dispute. Both parties should approach the process with a willingness to give up some ground in order to negotiate the outcome. When one or both parties refuse to budge from their entrenched positions, the mediation process can stall out and become unproductive.

Address and Manage Emotions

Disputes may trigger feelings of resentment, frustration, or even anger. While experiencing these emotions is natural, it’s important to identify them and find ways to manage them during the mediation process. Rather than looking at mediation as a confrontation, try to view it as an opportunity to communicate openly and honestly with the other party as you negotiate a workable solution. Many people find that careful preparation and adopting a collaborative mindset allows them to minimize these intense emotions and make the negotiations more productive.

Put Your Trust in the Mediator

Speed bumps are a natural part of the mediation process. When you reach an impasse, trust that the mediator will step in to move the process forward. Mediators have various strategies to encourage productive conversations, and they will use these skills to coax the parties through each challenge. Their job is not to issue a final ruling or determine the outcome of the dispute. Instead, try to view them as a coach-like figure who can facilitate the difficult conversations you need to have as you actively shape a collaborative resolution.


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