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The Importance of Goal Setting in Mediation

The mediation process in Minnesota encourages the parties to work together to negotiate an equitable solution. Many participants find themselves satisfied with the result, as they’ve actively shaped the outcome.

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Why Businesses Should Consider Mediation to Resolve Disputes

Mediation has grown in popularity in recent years among businesses looking to work through their disputes in a less formal and stressful environment than a traditional courtroom proceeding. Parties often walk away feeling satisfied with the outcome and optimistic about the future.

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What Makes Mediation Successful in Minnesota?

What makes mediation a successful and satisfying option for many disputing parties? The controlled environment, emphasis on reaching a common goal, and active process allow the parties to feel more satisfied and in control of the outcome.

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What is the Business Law Mediator’s Role?

The goal of business law mediators is to give the disputing parties the confidence and tools they need to reach their own collaborative solution. Business law mediators understand how to help the participants resolve their disputes and move forward with confidence.

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