When to Hire a Minnesota Business Litigation Attorney

When should you hire a business litigator?

The obvious answer is when you get sued, of course. Or when you think your business needs to sue someone else. But there are some less obvious answers.

Sometimes, the best thing a business litigator can do for you is to help keep you out of litigation. Their time in litigation gives lawyers a window into the kinds of problems that can pop up in business relationships — and in many cases that means they can not only predict potential conflicts but also suggest ways to minimize them or avoid them altogether.

Giving Your New Business a Solid Foundation

When businesses start, everyone is excited about their ideas and opportunities. In that excitement, it’s easy to overlook or gloss over potential problems or disputes, hoping they’ll just take care of themselves down the road. And sometimes they do, but often that is misplaced optimism that comes back in the form of a lawsuit.

Law firms experienced in both forming businesses and representing them in lawsuits may be able to spot those possible future problems and help you address them before they turn into actual problems. How will the business be run? Who makes decisions? How are expenses and profits shared? What should be in your client contracts? Answering these questions now can prevent an expensive lawsuit in the future.

Representing Your Business in Contracts or Employment Disputes

Some of the most common business disputes involve contract issues or employment matters. Your attorney can work with you before disputes arise to create clear and comprehensive contracts and employment policies that reduce the potential for litigation. Clear contracts and policies help everyone know what is expected of them and what they can expect from other parties — and that makes a dispute much less likely. A business litigation attorney can often spot contract language that is unclear or doesn’t seem to fit the parties’ situation and suggest revisions.

Even if you plan ahead, of course, some disputes are unavoidable. But clear agreements will make it easier for disputing parties to clearly define their dispute so their negotiations, mediation, or litigation can be focused — making the whole process less costly and less time-consuming.

Providing Customized Legal Solutions For Minneapolis Businesses

Facing business litigation can be stressful and overwhelming. As you face an uncertain future, you are also tasked with keeping your company afloat and navigating the other important aspects of your life. Before you assume the worst, seek the assistance of a trusted business litigation attorney who can approach your situation with compassion and experience. Your attorney will listen carefully to your goals and concerns to determine the best path forward. Whether you pursue mediation or move to litigation to resolve the dispute, you can trust that your attorney will work hard to protect the future of you and your business.


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