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Multi-Time Machine, Inc. v.

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It often seems like sells just about everything. But sometimes it doesn’t have the one thing you’re looking for. Instead, when you search for that one special thing, Amazon shows you a list of similar items it does sell. Maybe you decide to buy one of those instead (ordering from Amazon being so convenient), or maybe you look elsewhere (because you really wanted that one special item).

A company that sells one of those products you won’t find on Amazon didn’t like the fact that Amazon searches pulled up a list of competing products, and so it sued for trademark infringement. It lost. Then it kind of won. And then it lost again. Read More

“If it’s on the internet…”

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Nearly 2 decades into living with the internet as part of our daily lives, a surprising number of people – and businesses – still seem to think that anything posted on the web is theirs for the taking – to copy, put on their own websites, or incorporate into some other publication.

That’s because most of us have a sort of subconscious conviction that “if it’s on the internet, it’s free.” Read More

Star Trek & copyright infringement

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There are few fans like geek fans. And among geek fans, Trekkies have a pretty good claim to the title of “geekiest” and “fanniest.” Or maybe “most fan-ish”?

Anyway, what I’m saying is that we geeks, and we fans of Star Trek, really love our shows. So much so that we can develop a sense of ownership of our favorite shows and characters.

But a group of committed fans is learning the hard way that a “sense of ownership” is not the same as actual ownership. Read More