Intellectual Property Protections for Your Brand in Minnesota

Creating your own brand of goods or services can be exciting, but there are several steps you’ll need to take to set your business up for success. As you grow your company, you’ll want to ensure that prospective customers can identify your brand and trust the quality of your services. Unfortunately, infringement or brand dilution can create confusion and undermine your credibility among your customers. Here are some tips for protecting your brand’s intellectual property (IP) in Minneapolis and St. Paul to keep your business running smoothly.

Formally Securing Intellectual Property Rights

Although many Minnesota businesses recognize the importance of intellectual property rights, not everyone takes the necessary steps to secure these IP protections. If you wait to secure these rights until a potential act of infringement occurs, it may be more difficult to take legal action against the infringing party. As soon as you develop a vision for your new business, survey the landscape to identify other companies that offer similar services or use similar names or logos. Set your brand apart from potential competitors and, once you’ve landed on a unique mark or logo, file a trademark application.

Developing and Managing Your Brand

A successful brand uses consistent messaging, so make sure you establish a clear brand identity that customers can identify easily. Take some time to develop your professional image, and use this image to communicate with clients and promote your services. The more consistent your branding remains, the stronger your chances are of defending your intellectual property rights in the event of potential infringement. If you are trying to show that someone is using your brand in an unauthorized and infringing way to promote their own services, you can point to your well-established and carefully curated brand identity to highlight their flimsy efforts to capitalize on your intellectual property.

Staying Ahead of Potential Infringement Issues

Assuming a proactive approach to protecting your intellectual property rights is highly encouraged. Make it a habit to check for potential trademark infringement now and then. By identifying potential issues before they escalate, you’ll give yourself more time to determine the most strategic course of action. Should an infringing action arise, you can work with your attorney to take swift legal action that minimizes the potential of costly litigation later on. Keep any documentation related to your company’s intellectual property in an organized and easily accessible location to ensure that you can address and respond to any issues right away.


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