How to Prepare for Business Litigation in Minnesota

Business disputes can arise at any time. Depending on the nature of the disagreement and the other party’s willingness to negotiate, you may be able to resolve the issue without resorting to litigation. However, there are circumstances in which litigation becomes your best option for achieving a resolution. If your Minneapolis business is on the path toward litigation, here are a few suggestions for how you can prepare to navigate this process with confidence.

Preserve All Relevant Documents and Information

As soon as the dispute arises, make sure you don’t inadvertently delete or destroy any documents or information that pertains to the issue. The litigation process involves a discovery period, during which the disputing parties can request any relevant documents—including electronic files—from one another. Even if you mistakenly allowed certain information to be destroyed, this move could damage your case and lead to further legal complications. Instead, take steps to preserve all documents for the foreseeable future.

Avoid Communicating With the Opposing Party

It can be tempting to want to apologize or even express your frustration with the other party, especially if you’ve previously enjoyed a close business relationship. Unfortunately, any communications—written or verbal—that you exchange with the other party could be used against you during litigation. It’s best if you cease communications during this time. If some communication becomes necessary, keep it brief and neutral.

Lean on Your Attorney For Guidance

Embarking on the business litigation process is understandably challenging. It’s natural to have many questions throughout the process, which is why enlisting the guidance of an experienced business litigation attorney is highly recommended. Your attorney will answer your questions, address your concerns, and serve as a general source of support at every stage of litigation. Let your attorney develop the best strategy for obtaining a favorable outcome on your behalf while you focus on other essential matters, like running your business.


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