990-N Reminders for Nonprofits and Exempt Organizations

Organizations with gross receipts that average $50,000 or less are required to file the 990-N (also called the e-postcard) annually.  This requirement applies even to small organizations not required to apply for exemption

* (those organization’s who have gross revenues normally under $5,000).  The 990-N/e-postcard for an organization’s most recently completed fiscal year can be filed here, and more information about the filing requirement can be found here.  Organizations that fail to file for three consecutive years will have their exemption automatically revoked.  If an organization failed to file their 990-N in previous years they can still do so (without being subject to late filing penalties).  A late-filed 990-N cannot be filed on the IRS’ website, but must instead be filed through an IRS-approved service provider.  Those service providers can be found here.  Form 990-N is typically due on the 15th day of the 5th month after an organization’s fiscal year ends.



*Unless they are part of a group ruling, a church or related organization, or required to file a different type of tax return.

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