4 Important Questions to Ask a Minnesota Business Litigation Attorney

When your business gets pulled into some sort of legal fight, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and intimidated. The threat of a lawsuit can cause headaches and stress—not to mention financial anxiety. One of the things we often hear from clients is how much less stressed they feel after they talk with us. Working with an experienced business litigation attorney can help you feel more confident and prepared for what lies ahead by taking some of the mystery out of the process. Here are a few key questions to ask each potential litigation attorney so you can get a sense of how they will approach your case.

1. “What is Your Experience in This Field?”

Working with an experienced attorney can give you peace of mind, but make sure that they are familiar with your industry. For instance, if you are a digital media corporation, has the attorney worked with similar businesses in the past? Each case is different of course, and a lawyer probably won’t have confronted your exact situation before. But you’ll want to ensure that they have a basic understanding of your field so they can sufficiently protect your business.

2. “Are There Other Ways to Resolve This Dispute?”

Litigation can be costly and stressful. Ask the attorney whether there are other avenues to resolve the dispute, such as early mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Is direct negotiation may be a good way to avoid a full legal battle? Is arbitration a good fit in this case? An attorney who is open to exploring multiple options often has your best interests in mind. If litigation is your only option, make sure that the attorney is committed to guiding you through the entire process.

3. “How Would You Approach My Case?”

Asking this question allows you to get a sense of how the attorney works. Their answer should highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your position so that you know they will communicate honestly and openly with you. You’ll also receive an idea of how long the process may take and what you can expect from each step of the process.

4. “What is Your Communication Style?”

When you work with an attorney, you are entering into a professional relationship that requires trust and communication. Ask the lawyer how they prefer to communicate with clients. Will they reach out through email or by phone? If you contact them, when can you expect a response? Make sure you feel comfortable with their answers before you decide to move forward.


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