Star Trek & copyright infringement

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There are few fans like geek fans. And among geek fans, Trekkies have a pretty good claim to the title of “geekiest” and “fanniest.” Or maybe “most fan-ish”?

Anyway, what I’m saying is that we geeks, and we fans of Star Trek, really love our shows. So much so that we can develop a sense of ownership of our favorite shows and characters.

But a group of committed fans is learning the hard way that a “sense of ownership” is not the same as actual ownership. Read More

When the Music Stops—Insurance When Your Business Has to Close

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My wife and I were at the 7th Street Entry a couple of weeks back (to see The Sudden Lovelys—highly recommended), and I was struck by how quiet it was at First Ave., especially for a Saturday night. The club was still closed after a 30-foot section of ceiling fell during a show in mid-August. No one was seriously hurt, fortunately, but it did close down one of the Twin Cities’ most iconic music venues for a couple of weeks.

Because I’m at least as much law geek as music geek, a silent First Ave. got me thinking about the insurance coverage the club might have or need. That single incident is interesting (at least to an insurance lawyer) because it has the potential of triggering multiple forms of coverage that most businesses should have in place: Read More