Rubric Legal’s Fees – One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When people need a lawyer, the first question that crosses many people’s minds is, “Can I afford one?” We think a better question is, “Will I be better off for having spent the money when the process is over?” We set out to make the answer to that question an emphatic “Yes.”

At Rubric Legal, our goal is to make sure our clients receive value that is greater than the cost of our services. We achieve this through consistent and frank communication, effective and efficient advocacy and the ability to seek creative legal solutions for our clients.

The Specifics

So what exactly does that mean in dollars and cents? The answer—as is often the case with lawyers—is, “It depends.” And what it depends on is what you need; what your case or contract or other legal need means for you, your business or your family; and what kind of legal costs make sense in light of your goals.

  • Our standard hourly rate—when we bill by the hour—is $300. But we usually don’t bill by the hour. In most cases, we instead tailor a fixed-fee arrangement that fits your circumstance.
  • In litigation, we’ll lay out each of the phases you can expect in the lawsuit, setting a fee for each phase in advance. You’ll know what’s coming up in your case, and be prepared for what it will cost.
  • If you need a contract negotiated, drafted or reviewed, we’ll tell you what our fee is going to be before we get to work. The price depends on the complexity of the contract and whether we are reviewing or creating it from scratch. For instance, hiring us to review a contract, make edits and provide advice can cost as little as $500.  But drafting a contract from scratch costs at least $1,500.
  • When your business needs call for regular legal counsel, for a set monthly fee we’ll be available as your outside general counsel. Each subscription is tailored to your business’s needs, with the most basic subscription starting at $250 per month.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you’d like to discuss our fee structures with us, please reach out to us. You may send us an email or you can give us a call at 612-465-0074.