Focusing on Nonprofit Legal Issues so You Can Focus on Your Mission

If you’re like most people in the nonprofit field, it is passion for your organization’s mission that drives you. You’re not in this to become an expert in regulations and legal technicalities. But you do know your position requires you to ensure your donors, funders, members and other stakeholders know that you are a good steward of the organization’s assets.

To be to be a good steward, you have to be able to comply with the various requirements imposed by regulators like the Internal Revenue Service and the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. You also need to follow good business practices. That is where our nonprofit attorney can step in.

Focus on Your Mission. We’ll Do the Rest.

Nonprofit attorney Emily Robertson runs our nonprofit and exempt organization legal practice. Not only is nonprofit law all Emily practices, she is also highly involved in the nonprofit world. As a current and former member of many boards, as well as an active participant in many community and professional organizations, Emily knows this world well and is always seeking to learn more.

If you choose our law firm, you will have our advice, support and guidance through all phases of your organization’s lifespan, from nonprofit formation and application for tax exemption, to crisis management and merger or dissolution. If you just need help with one issue, we can do that.  If you are looking for outside general counsel that can provide nonprofit expertise, we can do that too. When you want your lawyer to be down to earth and accessible, and care as much about the health and success of your nonprofit as you do, look no further.

Nonprofit Legal Services

Nonprofits face unique legal issues as a result of their tax-exempt status and need expert advice.  Our firm helps nonprofits with the following:

  • Nonprofit start-ups and mergers or dissolutions
  • Creating, revising or interpreting organizational documents (articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, etc.)
  • Hiring, managing and firing employees
  • Applications for tax-exempt status
  • Nonprofit governance
  • Fiscal sponsorship/fiscal agent activities
  • Drafting, reviewing, revising or enforcing contracts, leases or related documents
  • Handling tax-exempt status concerns, including tax advice and written tax opinions
  • Property and sales tax exemption
  • Unrelated Business Income
  • Managing donations and donor-advised funds
  • Charitable solicitation registration
  • Working with affiliates, chapters, coalitions, etc.
  • Navigating legal requirements of federal grants or contracts
  • Compliance issues related to lobbying, policy advocacy or partisan campaign issues
  • Operations in multiple states or internationally
  • Preparing for or getting representation for a lawsuit

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you don’t see an issue your nonprofit or tax-exempt organization is experiencing, reach out to our law firm. We will help if we can. If we are not the right fit for you, we will direct you to the best resource for your situation.

Request a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Nonprofit Legal Issue

Nonprofit leaders often know they need legal help, but worry about the costs involved in hiring a nonprofit attorney. With services from Rubric Legal, you’ll find yourself in good hands while also benefiting from our sliding scale fees.
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