“And How Are the Children?”

That fabled greeting of the Masai tribe is also the touchstone of Rubric’s family law practice. Everything we do—from setting up a custody and parenting time plan for the first time, to securing fair child support orders, to modifying existing orders or agreements—all of it is shepherded by an obligation to find the best possible answer to that guiding question for your children.

At Rubric Legal, we have the experience, skill and compassion to represent you in any child custody or support matter. We offer the creative legal solutions you need to protect your family.

Best Interests of Children

The Best Interests of Children

The courts and the law place the emphasis in child custody and child support cases in the same place you do: What is best for your kids? It’s a simple question that can be maddeningly hard to answer, as parents often disagree about what is best. The complexity grows when you realize that the court system has its own list of factors to define your children’s best interests. In addition, those best interests change over time, demanding changes to your current plan. We are here to help you understand the process and everything that goes into it so you can do what is right for your children.

Child Custody and Visitation

When your circumstances change, either in a divorce or a change of location or job status, how will you continue to parent your children? Where will they go to school? When will they be with you and when will they be with your co-parent? Who will make decisions about education, health care and religion when it comes to your children?

The physical and legal custody arrangement you reach, through mutual agreement, mediation or court decree will control perhaps the most important part of your life. It is vital to get it right, and to make changes when the arrangement no longer serves the needs of your children.

We can help you craft the guidelines under which you and your co-parent will raise your children. When the need arises, we can also help make modifications to custody orders and parenting time orders. We will help you protect your family in any custody or visitation matter.

Child Support

Child support is dictated by a fairly rigid set of rules. Once the facts are established, the formula for setting child support is straightforward. We can help you navigate those rules and make sure they are applied correctly and fairly to your situation.

Throughout my divorce Chad was there not only as a guide but as a sounding board.

– Craig D.

While going through a very troubling and emotional time in my life having Chad there for me with guidance and support was priceless. He handled all issues, communications and court appearances with professionalism and his kindness helped put me at ease during very emotional and stressful situations.

– Kim G.

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