For me, it's all about the story.

From childhood, I've always found myself drawn into stories. And not just fiction (though I do enjoy a good movie or comic book), but the stories of the people I know and meet every day. It's probably no surprise, then, that I began my professional career as a newspaper reporter and editor, uncovering and reporting the stories of my community. Nor is it surprising that I moved on to practice law, because my job, at its core, is to understand my clients' stories, and to help other people—judges, juries, opposing parties and their lawyers—understand those stories as well. Fortunately, I find the skills I developed as a reporter—uncovering the truth, telling stories in a way that is compelling and easy to understand—serve me well as a lawyer.

I love the practice of law. I enjoy getting to know my clients, understanding what brought them to my door, and finding a solution to their legal problems. And I deeply appreciate the opportunity to give voice to your story.

Outside the office, my wife and I often see—and sometimes appear in—shows at the many excellent theaters the Twin Cities have to offer. I also watch what some might describe as a ridiculous amount of television, practice jujitsu, try my hand at woodworking when it's warm enough to go out to the garage, and do what I can to keep the weeds from completely taking over the flower beds in my yard.

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