For Me, It’s All About the Story

I’ve always been drawn to people’s stories. I guess that’s why, when my 8th-grade English teacher asked us to write a paper about the job we wanted as grown-ups, I picked newspaper reporter. And so began my journalism career. From humble beginnings at a middle-school newspaper (which was really just a few photocopied pages of typing paper), through high school and college papers, and a few years reporting and editing as a professional journalist, I learned to ask people questions. I learned to listen to and hear their answers, and to tell their stories.

In many ways, I still have that same job. My clients trust me with stories about some of the most important events in their lives. I have the honor of giving voice to those stories.

These days, my work focuses on protecting my clients’ business assets—their income, their equipment and their ideas. For these business clients, my job is to:

  • Present their stories in a compelling way throughout the litigation process
  • Draft and negotiate agreements that meet clients’ business goals and protect their interests
  • Get the right insurance in place
  • Protect trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets

I’ve also made protecting the rights of children a priority, in my life and in my career. That is why I am not only a business lawyer, but also a family law attorney with a child-centered practice. This practice is designed to help parents maintain strong, loving and empowering relationships with their children through the divorce or separation process.

My task in these cases is to help make sense of the laws and rules that govern family law decisions, while constantly keeping you and the judge focused on what is best for your son or daughter. For 15 years, I have also volunteered my time to be a lawyer for kids, representing children in child protection cases as a volunteer with Children’s Law Center of Minnesota. In 2014, this work earned Rubric Legal the Children’s Law Center’s Distinguished Service Award. It was one of the finest moments of my career.

After early years of moving around the East Coast while my dad served in the Navy, my family and I  settled in central Wisconsin, where my parents still live  Today I live with my wife, Amy, in Minneapolis, where I spend my free time as an avid runner, part-time comic book geek and occasional amateur musician.

I also dabble in community theater, sometimes acting, sometimes directing and often building sets in my garage workshop. Amy shares my love of music and theater, and we frequently get to share a stage. We are also “parents” to two dogs (Oscar and Olive) and two cats (Pepper and Sprout).

Chad Snyder

Contact Chad A. Snyder

To speak with me about your legal concern, call 612-465-0074 or contact Rubric online.

Chad’s Practice Areas:

  • Copyright and Trademark litigation
  • Insurance coverage and litigation
  • Business litigation
  • Trade secrets
  • Child custody and child support