Rubric: A Statement of Purpose

With wise counsel, attentive listening, forthright communication, aggressive advocacy, good humor, and strategic, value-driven representation, Rubric’s mission is to take on our clients’ legal challenges so they can focus on their nonprofits, businesses, and families.


People disagree, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad. At Rubric, much of our work focuses on resolving those disagreements by safeguarding our clients’ rights, property, and ideas in state and federal courts.


To keep stakeholders and regulators happy, nonprofits have to follow their own sets of state and federal rules governing everything from tax status and exemptions to charitable solicitations and governance. Rubric’s Emily Robertson has committed her practice to knowing and understanding those laws, rules and regulations; helping nonprofit clients stay in compliance while they further their cause.


As business owners ourselves, we understand that starting and running a business is equal parts excitement and stress. Rubric’s business law practice gives our clients the confidence of knowing their lawyer is available to answer questions about contracts, governance, employment, or the myriad other legal issues that pop up in the life of any business.


With an emphasis on child custody, parenting time, and child support, Rubric’s family law practice is centered on the needs of children. We help our clients and the courts stay focused on serving each child’s best interests—even in the midst of conflict among the adults in their lives.

Rubric’s clients come through our door with diverse legal needs, but they share common interests. They want to focus time and energy on their families, their nonprofit or business—not on lawsuits, regulatory or contractual fine print or heated arguments.

Those lawsuits, contracts, regulations and occasional heated arguments are our job. When you trust your attorney to understand your position and find effective ways to improve it, that’s a good feeling. We will work hard to earn that trust.

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At Rubric Legal, we don’t believe in business as usual. We challenge ourselves to help our clients succeed. If you want a law firm capable of delivering the creative legal solutions you deserve, contact our Minneapolis law firm online or call 612-465-0074 today.